Wow! Is Krispy Kreme Opening in Cyberjaya Soon?

Is everyone’s favourite doughnuts store Krispy Kreme going to open in Cyberjaya soon? We certainly hope so!

Who doesn’t love doughnut?! Krispy Kreme, where doughnuts and coffee have been served hot and fresh since 1937 is already planning to expand into Cyberjaya.

Based on the following screenshot sent to us, Krispy Kreme was in the process of hiring people to work at its upcoming store here.

It’s going to be located at one of Cyberjaya’s most popular locations – D’Pulze Shopping Centre. The marketing team at D’Pulze surely has been doing a great job for the past two years – attracting all the big brands to setup their shops here including Family Mart which is also opening soon at the main entrance of D’Pulze.

The sentiment among retailers have changed very significantly compared to a few years ago. Most retailers and food outlet operators used to resist Cyberjaya. To-date, there are no less than 300 F&B outlets in Cyberjaya. Residence from nearby towns don’t mind travelling here to enjoy the food.

Let’s hope Krispy Kreme will open soon! Can’t wait to savour that chocolate glazed doughnut!

[Photo credit Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Malaysia Facebook]

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