Oasis@Pinnacle is Cyberjaya’s Coolest Co-working Space

Located on the 2nd and 5th floor of Tamarind Square, Cyberjaya, Oasis@Pinnacle Coworking Space introduces a radical new concept to coworking where they aim to strike a balance between productivity and serenity.

Their tagline is “working in serenity.”  They started their operations in January of 2019.

They have a variety of work spaces to suit any need and task. The standard hot desks is the most basic space. It provides clients with a wide spacious work area and even comes with mini-aquariums on top of each desk.

This is part of their serenity aspect to help their clients remain calm, as they do their work. The co-working space has options of hourly, daily and monthly reservation of the standard desks.

The premium hot desks give clients plenty of natural sunlight as well as a great view of Cyberjaya, it is the perfect choice for those who need a plenty of space and enjoy looking out of the window.

Like the standard desks, they also have the options of hourly, daily and monthly reservation of the premium desks.

The Gemini Room is the perfect place to hold meetings and comes equipped with a projector and drop-down screen for presentations and it also has a large built in aquarium to give the space a depth of calmness.

They also have a seminar hall that is spacious enough to hold corporate trainings or meetings and can hold up to a maximum of 30 people.

They are equipped with ceiling mounted projectors, drop-down screens and speakers for presentations.

The seminar hall is also modular which means it can be broken down into multiple smaller segments so that it can be converted into different configurations such as meeting rooms, classroom training spaces or discussion areas.

They also have lounge areas where their clients can take a break and catch their breath. Bean bags and comfortable sofa seats are available for people to relax and catch a breath.

They can even enjoy unlimited coffee, tea and snacks while they are with us. Meanwhile, the rooftop garden is perfect for any corporate or community event and can hold up to a maximum of 30 people.

It offers our clients a simply breath-taking view of Cyberjaya. Although this space is amazing during the day, it becomes even more magnificent in the evenings.

The cool winds and the glittering of the surrounding cityscape makes it a truly lovely experience.

Every part of the space has an aspect of nature within, so in addition to the fish housed in our many aquariums, they also have many plants and other greenery that lend to the concept of serenity within Oasis@Pinnacle.

There’s also an artificial river that runs the entire width of the modular seminar hall and comes complete with turtles and fish that swim freely in it.

In terms of internet connectivity, the spaces come equipped with a mesh powered Wi-Fi solution to ensure that everyone will always have a fast and stable internet at all times, no matter where they are within the space.

Finally, the well-trained staff are on hand at all times to assist our clients in any way possible. 

For more information, you can reach out to them on their Facebook page here.

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