List of Non-Halal Food Outlets and Restaurants in Cyberjaya

List of Non-Halal Food Outlets and Restaurants in Cyberjaya

There are plenty of food choices in Cyberjaya but it was once a challenge to get non-halal food. Nowadays, more and more restaurants are opening in Cyberjaya to serve non-halal food customers. If you’re looking for one, here’s the latest list.


Not too long ago, those who opt for non-halal food during lunch time would venture out of Cyberjaya to nearby Dengkil or even Puchong.

As there are around 80,000 people living in Cyberjaya, non-halal food can now be found in almost major areas within the city.

When you feel like eating pork in Cyberjaya, do be assured that you have more than 10 options now.

I will do my best to keep this list updated as often as I can.

1. Go Noodle

This franchise noodle store has several branches in West Malaysia and in Cyberjaya it’s located inside D’Pulze the same row as The Body Shop.

2. Lok Yoon

It’s located where Burger King is. They sell chicken rice here.

Address: Block 3545, Jalan Teknorat 6, Persiaran APEC

3. Da Kung Zhai Restaurant

This is the best place in Cyberjaya to get your economy rice. They usually have around 20 dishes and you’ll be spoilt for choice. It’s extremely ideal for those who are on a tight budget especially students.

Address: Glomac Cyberjaya

4. Pork Noodles

There’s actually a mini hawker centre on the sixth floor of Shaftsbury Square. They serve pork noodles here.

Address: 6th Floor, Shaftsbury Square

5. Kung Fu Restaurant

This restaurant is managed by the same company who owns Zhia’s Kitchen restaurant.

Address: Floor 3A, Shaftsbury Square

6. Face To Face Noodle House (面对面)

Fancy eating Sarawakian Noodles? This is the place for you. They have a good selection of noodles and the place is air-conditioned.

Address: No. 1, Block E, Jalan GC4 Glomac Cyberjaya

7. Ho Yeah Chicken Rice

The char siew and chicken rice here are well made. Probably the best in Cyberjaya.

Address: Glomac Cyberjaya, the same row as Da Kung Zhai Restaurant

8. Rice Home Restaurant

They also serve chicken rice just like Ho Yeah. Aside from that, Bak Kut Teh is also available.

Address: Glomac Cyberjaya, the same row as Da Kung Zhai Restaurant

9. Restoran Hinz Kitchen

I’ve never been to this place before therefore not sure what type of food they serve.

Address: Glomac Cyberjaya, facing Experian

10. Zhia’s Kitchen

This restaurant is located just above Burger King in Cyberjaya. There’s a huge variety but prices are slightly steep.

Address: Block 3545, Jalan Teknorat 6, Persiaran APEC

11. Penang History (It is now closed)

This spacious restaurant is located inside D’Pulze Shopping Mall on the LG floor where Jaya Grocer is. You’ll get your typical Penang food here such as Char Kway Teow etc. Currently there’s no 10% service charge.

12. Soon Seng Klang Bak Kut Teh

This was recently opened at Kanvas SOHO near the fire station. It serves Bak Kut Teh from Klang with more than 60 years of history.

13. May Seafood

This Chinese restaurant at Tamarind Square serves local and China style food and dishes.

14. Nam Heong Ipoh

This restaurant chain has recently opened at Third Avenue just next to Shell building. It’s well decorated and comfortable.

If you notice, most of the non-halal restaurants are located in Glomac Cyberjaya. The only downside with this place is that parking is hard to find during peak hours.

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  1. Can add on a few more too, tanglung restaurant beside lok Yoon, hock kee ulu yam loh mee, diem kitchen in tamarind.
    In fact there are few more but opened by China chinese

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