Tun Dr Mahathir to Revive Cyberjaya and Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC)

Tun Mahathir to Revive Cyberjaya and Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC)

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad who created Cyberjaya as Malaysia’s first intelligent city of the future in 1997, will revive the city and the Multimedia Super Corridor.

Tun Dr Mahathir was speaking to local and American business leaders at American Chamber of Commerce luncheon event on June 28th. During the event, Tun M spoke briefly about Cyberjaya, the city he founded 21 years ago.

Tun M said that the government would make an effort at reviving Cyberjaya and the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) since it had deviated from its initial objective.

“We created Cyberjaya to concentrate on high technology, electronic and information technology industries there, but now, it has become just another town with the usual housing development”

– Tun Dr Mahathir

Tun M also said with the policy on the MSC being reverted to its initial objective, more companies were expected to locate their plants and research laboratories in this city.

Currently, not all buildings in Cyberjaya are certified as MSC status buildings but he would like to grant a full MSC status for the whole the city. That means all tech companies in Cyberjaya are able to enjoy the MSC Bill of Guarantees no matter where they’re based in Cyberjaya.

There are more and more residential areas are being developed in Cyberjaya to attract people to live in the city. This is important for those who work in Cyberjaya because they want to avoid commuting from other places.

“This will enable the corridor to live up to its name once again. We will put in as much infrastructure as possible to attract people once more to Cyberjaya in particular and into the corridor”

Cyberjaya is already home to about 50 global tech companies and 400 startups. It’s extremely crucial for government-owned companies such as MDEC, Cyberview and MaGIC to build a stronger ecosystem in Cyberjaya to attract more tech companies to open their offices here.

[Photo credit Melissa Goh, Channel News Asia]

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