Beautiful Aerial Views of Cyberjaya Shot using Drone [Video]

Beautiful Aerial Views of Cyberjaya Shot using Drone [Video]

Cyberjaya is amazingly beautiful from the air! Checkout these aerial views of Cyberjaya shot using drone.


I bumped into this YouTube video uploaded by Norhisam Ismail who seems to be an avid drone pilot, judging by the amount of videos he uploaded into his YouTube page.

Take a look at the video here:

It’s quite obvious that there are still empty spaces around Cyberjaya. However, those lands have been planned for future developments including the upcoming Cyberjaya City Centre.

The Putrajaya and Cyberjaya lake areas simply look stunning from the air.

If you watch towards the end, some of the shots were actually taken in Putrajaya Precint 4 with a bit of Cyberjaya in the background.

One thing we can be sure from the shots is there’s almost no haze and the air quality was extremely good! You can actually see really far into the horizon.

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I hope there will be more people taking aerial shots of Cyberjaya to showcase how beautiful this place is.

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