View and Test Drive a Tesla Model S in Cyberjaya this November

If you’re curious to view or even test drive a Tesla electric vehicle, you might be able to do so this November. Details below.


Tesla electric car has finally reached Malaysia as Cyberview is planning to showcase the car as part of their GreenTech Day event in Cyberjaya this November 14th.

This is not the first time that the Tesla has been sighted in Malaysia. The country’s most popular automotive blog reported the sighting of the Model S last year in LCCT.

Anyway, back to the Tesla in Cyberjaya, it will be available for viewing by the public in the afternoon of November 14th. If you’re lucky, you might be able to test drive it as well.

The Tesla Model S is already bearing the plate number BNM2475, which means it’s been approved by JPJ Malaysia to be driven on Malaysian road. If I remember correctly, a fleet of Tesla cars will be used during the ASEAN Summit this coming November.

I found the photo above through the sharing of my friend’s Facebook. Her friend posted the photo with the caption:

Check it out! ‪#‎tesla‬ in cyberjaya. Wanna try it? nov 14 be at persiaran flora in cyberjaya

I’m definitely interested to be there, let’s see how this post is going to be shared. If any of the Cyberview folks find this post, will you consider letting me do a review of the event and at the same time test driving the car?

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