Full Guide on Recycling your Waste or Rubbish in Cyberjaya

Cyberjaya is a green city so let’s keep it that way by recycling your waste. Here’s your ultimate guide to recycling in Cyberjaya.

Where is the Recycling Centre in Cyberjaya?

I regularly recycle wastes such as empty cans, old newspapers and boxes. I used to go the recycling centre in Putrajaya but later I found out that there’s also a recycling centre in Cyberjaya. Finding it is quite tricky because there’s no visible signboard that leads to the centre.

The centre is located near the South Cyberjaya Interchange or where the Dell Global Business Centre is. To make your life easier, I marked it on the Google maps shown below:


The centre has a simple industrial look and is made up of steel beams, concrete, wood and empty bottles. No wonder you can easily miss this place because it’s not highly visible at all!

What are the Prices for Recycled Items?

Cyberjaya’s recycling centre is able to accept not less than 10 types of items.


The list below shows the items and how much you’ll get paid when you send your waste to them:

  • old Newspaper – RM0.20/kg
  • black and White Paper – RM0.30/kg
  • old corrugated carton/boxes – RM0.18/kg
  • old magazine – RM0.20/kg
  • mixed papers – RM0.15/kg
  • beverage carton/tetrapak – RM0.50/kg
  • tin/metal – RM0.30/kg
  • aluminium – RM2.50/kg
  • used cooking oil – RM0.20/kg

If you have old computers lying at home, they are also able to recycle them.

  • CPU – RM5.50/unit
  • monitor – RM4.50/unit
  • notebook – RM3.50/unit
  • server – RM15.00/unit
  • printer – RM3/unit
  • TV – RM4/unit
  • refrigerator – RM5.00/unit
  • vacuum – RM1.50/unit

Do note that the centre doesn’t accept styrofoam or plastic bags.

Working Hours / Operation Hours of Cyberjaya Recycling Centre

You’ll be glad to have found this page because the recycling centre has odd working hours. They only open three days a week – Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

The actual working hours are from 9.30am to 4.30pm with one hour break from 1.00pm to 2.00pm. On Fridays, they are closed from 12.30pm to 2.30pm.


I hope this information is useful for everyone who wants to make our cities greener and better. Please remember to separate your waste and recycle whenever possible!

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7 Comments on "Full Guide on Recycling your Waste or Rubbish in Cyberjaya"

  1. I have clean empty drinking bottles. They don’t accept that?

  2. Do recycling centre provide service of collection recycle items at the office building?

  3. Do recycling centre provide service of collecting recycle items at office building ?

  4. Hi. Do u accept old batteries such as those AA, AAA batteries? Where can i throw those batteries to? Tq.

  5. Shahril Izuan | May 8, 2019 at 9:10 am | Reply

    We are produce PVC ATM card for some local bankers & we would like to propose to sell our rejected card to you base on your price.
    Estimate 300k cards = 400kg

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