Exclusive: This is the Location of Taco Bell Cyberjaya

According to Taco Bell Malaysia’s official website, the famous American fast food joint will be opening its first outlet here in Cyberjaya.

Although nothing has been revealed on the location and opening date, we have 99.99% confirmation of the location.

We’ve been driving around Cyberjaya over the last few weeks to check for potential locations and have also reached out to building owners and operators in Cyberjaya if they knew about the new store.

However, none of them was aware where they planned to open. One of them did tell us that the Taco Bell is looking for a ‘stand-alone’ building. That means anything that’s not inside a shopping centre or inside a building.

Now, if we observe the colour schemes of the latest Taco Bell store in the US, it is brown in colour with purple accent which is the logo.

Taco Bell in USA

Using all the available information, we are 99.99% certain that the new Taco Bell store in Cyberjaya is located at Cyberjaya’s Cottage Walk.

This is in Cyberjaya’s ‘downtown’ area next to MDEC (Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation) and just a few metres away from KFC.

When we were there, the contractors at the side were mounting purple coloured panels; similar to the colour of the Taco Bell logo.

It will surely make the area look nice but the challenge will be the lack of parking spaces. We anticipate this place may get busy and congested once the store is opened.

The renovation is almost done and maybe the launch date will be sometime in January 2021.

Are you excited?!

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