Essential Information about Cyberjaya – Malaysia’s Technology and Innovation Hub

Introduction to Cyberjaya

Cyberjaya is a well renowned science, technology and innovation hub located 30km South of Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur.

The city was established in 1997 for research and development with full concentration on development of knowledge-based industries. The city seats on a 7,000 acres of land surrounded by two huge lakes. The buildings in Cyberjaya are designed specifically to service all the physical needs of ICT and technology companies.

History of Cyberjaya

Most of the people still wonders what Cyberjaya means. However, the name was put forward to mean Cyber Victory. It was established as the nucleus of the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) plan. MSC is a flagship project that was established and launched by the Malaysian government in 1996. The main reason for this was to advance the country’s innovation and knowledge base.

Cyberjaya Address

Cyberjaya is located 30km South of Kuala Lumpur and 20km away from Kuala Lumpur International Airport. The postcode is 63000.

Cyberjaya – Cost of Living

One thing that most of the people wants to know is the cost of living in Cyberjaya. However, the fact is that the cost of living in this park has been gradually increasing. For that reason the numbers that are available in the market are just estimates. This means that the cost of living is highly dependent on your lifestyle and preferences.

The other thing that may make the difference is your status. If you have a family meaning a wife/husband and kids, you may be forced to pay more. Though, if you are just single, you may spend RM 1500 per month and you will have a comfortable life. To help you get this, lets break it down to different costs that you will encounter.

Room Rental

In this rental, the cost varies from RM 350-500. This depends entirely on the size and the type of room you choose. If you go for a single room, then you don’t have to spend more than RD 350 in a month. Though, if you want to live in a higher class, then you may be forced to pay more than RM 500. The other thing that may affect rental cost is the location and what else is provided in the house. Additionally, if you wish to get the entire house or even a studio for yourself, then you may spend up to RD 1000-2000 which is determined by the location.


Transportation is another concern that you should take caution against carefully. In Cyberjaya, most of the people opt for buses. Buses are not very comfortable but they are very okay when you are not in any rush. For this reason, do allocate up to RM 200 for occasional transits. In some other cases, you can get around with Grab especially when you are in a rush.

Utility Bills

There are several other bills that you will have to cater for. These bills include water, electricity, gas, internet and DSTV. For electricity you will pay at least RM60-70, water you will pay RM5, Unifi will cost you RM100-150 and gas may cost up to RM10.


Eating shouldn’t be very expensive in the city but the restaurants you visit and what you eat will directly determine the amount of money you can spend. Without drinks, you can spend up to RM 7. This matches mixed rice. If you choose to visit bigger restaurants, you may spend RM 20 or more depending on the restaurant you visit. What this means is that you may have to pay up to RM600 on foods per month.


Here is where the real deal is. You can spend a lot of money depending on what you call entertainment. If you are one of those people that usually go for night clubs, then you may spend up to RM 200 in a month. That is perfect for occasional drinks, outings or even a cup of coffee with friends.

What’s Great about Living in Cyberjaya?

We know now you are wondering why you should be concerned about living in Cyberjaya. There are several things that make this tech city a perfect and a cool place for all your needs.

It’s Fun to Live and Work in Cyberjaya

Shopping outlets in this city are very fascinating, they actually have some of the most incredible things to make your stay here fun. You may find developments around places like D’Pulze shopping center.

The place has some of the best Cyberjaya Restaurants and Resorts. There are even some hotels and restaurants that are made of containers and have some of the best and the most interesting activities.

Features a Thousand Physical Activity

In Cyberjaya you can find most of the people spending most of their time cycling and jogging. The city is aimed at making sure all the activities here are for the sole physical fitness of her people. There are several other activities that you can undertake at any point in the year.

As a matter of fact, this city features an annual race and extreme sports events. There’s huge space here with green facilities with some ample space where you can take any other activities.

Cyberjaya for Expats

Is Cyberjaya suitable for expats? Absolutely. Due to its close proximity to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (20 minutes drive), it provides convenience to expats and locals alike. Since there are three huge supermarkets in Cyberjaya (Village Grocer, Jaya Grocer and RedTick), expats are able to purchase many international products. Besides, there’s also ACE Hardware in Cyberjaya which makes it easier to purchase any household products from the USA.

Cyberjaya as a Smart City

The city also has everything to make you technologically smart. Cyberjaya has around 30,000 students and hence you have a room to get the best skills. There are about six universities all through Cyberjaya and for this reason you can get education easily. Most of the people in Cyberjaya are early tech adopters.

Cashless Society in Cyberjaya

Cyberjaya people are very adoptive to technology and most people prefer to go cashless. Many of the shops inside shopping malls have gone cashless either by offering Debit or Credit Card payment or eWallet using smartphone. Some of the most popular smartphone payment are from Boost, Touch n’ Go eWallet, Fave, GrabPay, Maybank QRPay and also China based payment such as Alipay and Wechat Pay. The Cyberjaya Farmers’ Market supports Boost so you don’t have to bring your wallet when you visit the market.

Cyberjaya Mall

There are already a few malls in Cyberjaya for people to shop, dine and for entertainments. Below are the major shopping malls or shopping centres in Cyberjaya.

D’Pulze Shopping Centre

This is by far the best community mall in Cyberjaya. It has a cinema, supermarket, gym, F&B outlets and event space. Most people in Cyberjaya would spend time here. Starbucks and Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf can be found here.

Tamarind Square

Tamarind Square is the newest shopping area in Cyberjaya located near to King Henry International School and the new Cyberjaya Hospital. It has Village Grocer supermarket and a 24-hour book store called BookXcess. There are plenty of community-based events being organised here.

List of Companies in Cyberjaya

As a matter of fact, there are several companies here that are setting a good pace for new and upcoming Cyberjaya startups. With all these companies, means there’s adequate competition and that’s why you should consider setting up your company here.

With the availability of Cyberjaya talents and its perfect location, this place is the perfect for setting up your startup company. Here are some of multinational corporations, local companies and SMEs that you can check.

Local Companies in Cyberjaya

• Astro
• Basis Bay Capital management SDN BHD
• CSF Group
• Cyberview Resort and spa
• Al Hijrah Buig studio
• Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri
• Jabatan Standards Malaysia
• Bank Negara Malaysia
• Telekom Research and Development
• Ts Global Network SDN BHD
• Institut Keusahawanan Negara
• Protect Health and many more

SMEs in Cyberjaya

• TXT Earnestel sdn Bhd
• Trip Caption Travel
• TRT Malysia S/B
• UNIK Corp
• Uni Dimenxi SDN BHD
• WMS media SDN bhd
• Woodwing Asia Pacific SDN Bhd
• Vita
• WPH technologies Sdn Bhd and many more.

Multinational Companies in Cyberjaya

There are many multinational companies that are situated here. Here is the list:

• HTC Global Services MSC Sdn Bhd
• Huawei Malysia Global Training center
• HSBC electronic Data Processing SDN BHD
• AT&T
• NTT MSC Sdn Bhd
• P2i Online SDN bhd and several others

The list of companies here is very long. As a matter of fact, there are over 150 multinational companies that are established here. With another 150+ local companies and over 300 SMEs also established, and close to 500 startup companies.

Top Best Cyberjaya Hotels (2019)

Most of the tourists’ think of when they determine a good place to visit is hotels and accommodations. In Cyberjaya, there are several best hotels where you can have your meals and accommodations. You don’t have to worry so much about the price because the price per night are very low. You may not have to pay more than $80 for a 3 star hotel in the city. However, if you are going for 5 star hotels, you may have to pay a lot of money along the way. Here are some of the best hotels in the city that you can consider for your stay.

Monaco Hotel

This hotel is located at the heart of this science park and has all what it takes to meet all your needs. It’s one of the hotels in Cyberjaya which offers the best views. It is centrally located which means you will not have to spend a lot of money on transport.

Citadines D’Pulze Cyberjaya

This other hotel offers modern and luxurious stay with free WI-FI and other extras at a zero additional pay. The WI-FI can be accessed from the guestrooms all through to the bedrooms. They also offer some shopping areas and food.

Shaftsbury Residence Cyberjaya

If you are one of those people that usually want an outdoor pool and a place for your children to play, then this is the best place to be. They also offer extra modern accommodations at an affordable rate.

Hotel Hilal

This other hotel is set just 2.1 kilometers from Shaftsbury Square. It is also not very far from the National cancer institute of Malaysia. Offering some of the best extras including WiFi and 24 hours security.

EV World Hotel Cyberjaya

Here is another very classic hotel where you can have your best time in. They offer the best meals and accommodation with extras such as free WiFi and easy access to the shopping center.

The Right Cyberjaya Properties

Although this city was started late in the 20th century, it was moving slowly but today a lot of things have been happening and most of the people are thinking of investing in the city. If you are one of them and you are highly concerned about Cyberjaya properties, then here is the information.
It is very easy to find listed resale properties and rental properties in the city without any issue.

The Best Cyberjaya Attractions

It’s surprising that not very many tourists that find their way to this city but there’s a lot to enjoy. Though, there are several tourist attractions around this place. This means that even if you don’t live here, you can at any time spare some time for you and your family to visit and stay active here in one of the coming holidays. Here are some of the attractions in the city.

Cyberjaya Lake Gardens

In this city, this is the best place to relax especially when you don’t want any disturbances. If for any case you want some break from the busy daily life in the city, you can come here with a friend or family and have a nice time. You can just stay here, rejuvenate and admire the sceneries. This is not only the main green land in the city but also one of the best and the most peaceful places to set your feet this coming holiday.

Gem-in Mall

If you are one of those people that wants to shop as they enjoy themselves in the city, you don’t have to go to the shore or even to visit some of the best gardens, you just need a classically designed, stocked and a very eye catching mall for all your shopping needs. Gem-in mall is one of the coolest shopping hubs that you can take your friends or family while on your vacations.

Shaftsbury Square

You may think that Shaftsbury square is just another shopping mall with no additional things to do here. From outside, that is the conclusion but if you step in, you will realize that there are several activities that take place here. The enter place actually comprises of service apartments, offices and retail shops. If you are one of those people that wants to spare some time to walk around while shopping, then this is the best place for you.

Cyberjaya Mosque

You can visit the Masjid Raja Fisabililah in Cyberjaya which is known as the best and the most detailed mosque in the city. The mosque was awarded Platinum for its green building Index, LED lights and natural air ventilations. There are several other points that can really make your day here. So don’t skip this amazing mosque.

Cyberjaya Development

Cyberjaya is a growing city with many developments are currently taking place such as the hospital, MRT stations, airport expressway (MEX II), housing complexes and technology related projects.

What Else to Know about Cyberjaya?

With such a big population and such an active life, there are several things to expect from this city. As a matter of fact, there is need to keep up with the latest Cyberjaya news to be up to date with what is happening.

Cyberjaya has Come a Long Way

Every successful story has a very harsh beginning. When this city was being set up, there were several challenges that they experienced. Though, with time, most of them have been beat hard and overcome. Now the city boosts one of the most successful technocity in the world.

It hosts a large population and with all the additives and the welcoming nature of the environment, there have been many international interested investors each year. What this means is that the city is still on the wake to glory and so much should be awaited.

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