Self-Driving Car Spotted at MaGIC Campus in Cyberjaya

Self-Driving Car Spotted at MaGIC Campus in Cyberjaya

Can you imagine a car driving itself? A self-driving car or autonomous vehicle was spotted in Cyberjaya this week.

Cyberjaya – Malaysia’s Global Technology Hub is becoming a playground for advanced technology companies to test out their new products or services.

This is evident when an autonomous vehicle was seen driving itself inside the MaGIC campus this week.

The company behind this driverless vehicle was MooVita, a Singapore-based company that’s partnering up with Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) to develop and enhance the technology specifically for Malaysian roads.

It’s pretty obvious why Cyberjaya is chosen for the test – the environment is conducive, has a good tech ecosystem and the city has potentials to support this new technology.

The Proton Exora was equipped with various sensors, cameras and radars to enable the car to drive itself.

The demonstration of the vehicle was shown in the Facebook post by Richard Ker below:

There’s no other information aside from just a simple demonstration of this vehicle but it could be related to the Futurise Centre that was announced by the Prime Minister during the 2018 Budget.

The centre which is managed by Cyberview is meant to be the place for corporate, startups and universities to work together to develop future innovation and technology.

Implementing a new technology like this requires a lot of work especially on laws and regulations as it involves safety. This type of testing can only be done within a closed environment.

Cyberjaya is truly becoming more exciting in terms of nurturing new technology and innovation.

We definitely can’t wait to see and experience more high tech stuff like this in our city!

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  1. I believe they (Moovita) are also recruiting right now…. check this link…

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