The Monsoon Surge Cools Cyberjaya Down to 21°C

The monsoon surge affecting the South China Sea continues to keep Cyberjaya cool this weekend.

Many Cyberjaya folks experienced the cool temperature of 21°C on the night of January 11th which was also mentioned in the Cyberjaya Community Facebook page.

The rain was falling non-stop overnight due to the monsoon surge thus cooling many places around the Peninsular including Cyberjaya.

Malaysian Meteorological Department (METMalaysia) explained that the cold spell hitting the west of Peninsular Malaysia is considered normal during the monsoon season.

Klang Valley experienced the coldest weather it had in months on Thursday (Jan 11) and METMalaysia director-general Alui Bahari highlighted that temperatures dipping to 20 degrees Celsius are normal in January, NST reports.

“We have experienced such weather, with gloomy and cloudy days, before. It is normal for Malaysia from January to February due to strong winds from the northeast,” he said.

“The rainy season in the area is pushing the north-eastern wind and the clouds to the west.

“That is why we have seen less sun these past few days and the temperature has not risen. We can expect to see more sun from Sunday onwards,” a MetMalaysia spokesman told The Star.

Back in January 2014, similar cold weather was reported by this blogger.

In another report, the cold weather is not only due to monsoon, but also something called The Madden Julian Oscillation phenomenon.

This causes high-pressure wind from the Siberian-Mongolian region to flow through via northern China into the South China Sea before moving into Malaysia.

It’s also the same wind that caused a cyclone bomb which brought in severe cold weather in the eastern United States (US) and Canada to record temperatures below the freezing level.

The temperature is expected to return to normal from Monday onwards.

In the meantime, do enjoy the sweater weather!

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