List of Shops and Restaurants at Gem In Mall in Cyberjaya

List of Shops and Restaurants at Gem In Mall in Cyberjaya

A new mall is now opened in Cyberjaya. Find out the list of shops and restaurants at Gem In Mall in Cyberjaya here.


There’s a new mall in Cyberjaya called the Gem In Mall. It’s located at the West end of Cyberjaya towards ELITE Expressway. It’s also next to the Mutiara Ville apartment blocks which should be completed fairly soon.

It looks quite modern from the outside and there are some ample parking spaces right in the front of the mall.

As there are not that many shops yet which are opened, it’s quite a challenge to review about Gem In Mall Cyberjaya. However, there are already more than 10 shops and food outlets operating at the mall.

I’ve compiled the list as shown below.

Shops on the Ground Floor:

  • Happy Happy Bread Bakery
  • The Art Stationery
  • Pink Lollipops Mart (Mini Mart)
  • YeeKee Beef Noodles
  • Shin Tokyo Sushi & Ramen Ten
  • Kluang Station Café
  • Alef Maju

Shops on the First Floor:

  • Kafe DeGut’s Restaurant & Café
  • Café E Durian
  • Fitness Forever

The mall is quite an ideal spot for folks who are working in Cyberjaya and wish to stay away from the busy lunch time crowd.

If you need to get some cash, there’s a Maybank ATM machine on the ground floor.

You can’t expect the mall to be on par with D’Pulze. According to the folks at Setia Haruman (the master developer of Cyberjaya), the tenants there are unique and you won’t be seeing the same type of shop or outlet as the one in D’Pulze.

Perhaps when there are more shops opened, I will go there again to make another review and update the list above.

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