Full Menu of Yoshinoya and Sanuki Udon Hanamaru Cyberjaya

The popular Japan food chain has its second branch in Cyberjaya. Find out the full menu and prices here.


Japanese beef rice lovers can now enjoy it in Cyberjaya, once a sleepy city, at Yoshinoya in D’Pulze Shopping Centre, which is now the oldest and largest Japanese beef rice bowl (Gyudon) with over 1800 outlets across the globe including USA, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia. The first outlet was opened in Midvalley.

In case you’re wondering, Yoshinoya doesn’t serve pork.

Yoshinoya Full Menu and Prices in Cyberjaya

Rice Bowl 

  • Beef Bowl – RM11.80 (R), RM13.80 (L)
  • Spicy Beef Bowl – RM11.80 (R), RM13.80 (L)
  • Ontama Beef Bowl – RM13.80 (R), RM15.80 (L)
  • Ontama Beef Sukiyaki Bowl – RM13.80 (R), RM15.80 (L)
  • Beef Sukiyaki Bowl – RM11.80 (R), RM13.80 (L)
  • Beef Yakiniku Bowl – RM11.80 (R), RM13.80 (L)
  • Beef Yaki Udon – RM13.80 (R)
  • Takorice – RM13.80 (R)
  • Ontama Chicken Yakitori Bowl – RM13.80 (R), RM15.80 (L)
  • Chicken Yakitori Bowl – RM11.80 (R), RM13.80 (L)
  • Ontama Taru-Taru Chicken Katsu Bowl – RM14.80 (R), RM16.80 (L)
  • Taru-Taru Chicken Katsu Bowl – RM12.80 (R), RM14.80 (L)
  • Chicken Katsu Bowl – RM11.80 (R), RM13.80 (L)
  • Ontama Chicken Katsu Bowl – RM13.80 (R), RM15.80 (L)

*(R) – regular, (L) – large

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Sanuki Udon Hanamaru Full Menu and Prices in Cyberjaya

Coming soon!

They also serve fresh salad, just to make your meal more complete and healthy.

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