McDonald's in Cyberjaya? Go to Putrajaya Precinct 2 for Now

McDonald’s in Cyberjaya? Go to Putrajaya Precinct 2 for Now

Craving for McDonad’s in Cyberjaya? There’s none yet in Cyberjaya so go to Putrajaya for now.


Despite the rising number of Food and Beverage outlets in Cyberjaya, McDonald’s hasn’t setup any outlet yet.

This may be because Cyberjaya’s population hasn’t reached the 100,000 mark; which I believe is the usual threshold or minimum requirement.

The amount of new apartments and houses are growing in Cyberjaya and it would take less than 24 months for the city to have 100,000 dwellers.

Meanwhile, the nearest McDonad’s you can go to is the newly opened branch at Putrajaya Precinct 2. It’s a dedicated building with Drive-Thru.

Another option is the one at IOI City Mall, which is less than 15 minutes drive from Cyberjaya.

McDelivery in Cyberjaya

If you’re looking for McDonalds delivery or McDelivery for Cyberjaya, there’s no official option available yet. Cyberjaya is not covered by McDonald’s for now. However, you can contact us and we can help you buy and deliver within Cyberjaya, please contact us here or WhatsApp directly at 010-2597946.

Hopefully Cyberjaya will have its own McDonald’s soon, given that the city is growing rapidly over the past few years.

What other restaurants do you think we should have here?

[photo by Ebi Azly Abdullah]

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  1. can we build an iconic structure in Cyberjaya for tourism purposes?

    In Putrajaya it has all the wonderful landmark. Do we have the same in Cyberjaya? Probably we can build a big IT related structure ( mobile phone, computer, eg ) that can attract all people to pay a visit to this city.

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