5 Popular Cyberjaya Attractions You Must Visit [2020 Updated List]

In the beginning, Cyberjaya wasn’t really designed or meant to be a place with tourist attractions. However, over the years the city has evolved from just a tech-based city into a city with unique attractions. Here are 5 of Cyberjaya’s popular attractions which are worth visiting.

1. Cyberjaya Mosque

The Masjid Raja Fisabilillah in Cyberjaya is Malaysia’s first mosque to be awarded with a Platinum – Green Building Index, using LED lights, natural air ventilation, rooftop solar panels, and rainwater harvesting system. The mosque can cater up to 5,000 worshippers at any one time.

This futuristic mosque hosts a wide range of activities such as marriage ceremonies and community activities. As it’s a holy place, do dress conservatively and be courteous to worshippers when visiting the mosque. The mosque provides robes for those who wish to visit and enter the mosque.

2. Cyberjaya Lake Gardens

This lake garden is perhaps one of the most underrated attractions in Cyberjaya. It was established in 2007 and all the trees have matured by now. There’s a huge jogging track overlooking a decent sized lake. We wish there are more activities for the community here. The place is popular with the locals especially family with kids.

Located within the Lake Garden is a clubhouse comprises a two-storey building equipped with a function hall, coffeehouse and speciality shops. There’s also a golf driving range and a cafe.

3. Cyberjaya Entrepreneurs Cluster (CEC)

As the centre of tech and innovation, the CEC is a huge campus where the Malaysian Global Innovation and Creative Centre (MaGIC), Futurise, Cyberview, Dash Box Hotel and Cyberview 16 are located. MaGIC is a hub for startups and entrepreneurs where you get to learn more about Malaysia’s tech ecosystem. The hotel is a funky hotel with Instagram-friendly setup.

Meanwhile Futurise is a collaborative centre where startups, entrepreneurs, universities and corporates collaborate to build future technologies such as driverless vehicles, AR and VR technologies. You can contact us if you wish to visit this area.

The latest project by Cyberview is RekaScape – a smart retail dedicated for entrepreneurs.

4. Cyberjaya Lakeside

The lakeside near Persiaran Tasik (Lake Drive) is a popular place for the locals to do leisure activities such as cycling and jogging. Every evening from 5pm onwards, the place is filled with people unwinding themselves after a long day at work. It has a stunning view of Putrajaya lake. You can cycle or jog all the way to Precinct 8 in Putrajaya. The sunset view from the other side of the Cyberjaya lakeside (Putrajaya side) is breathtaking.

5. Tamarind Square

This ‘mall in the garden’ is a new concept for a retail centre in the tropics, suited to Malaysia’s climate, culture and context. It’s a progression from the traditional strip mall, the street mall and the air-cond box mall. The industrial looking complex is planted with various types of plants with water features.

Bonus – 24 Hours Book Store

There’s a 24-hour book store by BookXcess, which is Malaysia’s first. Various cafes and eateries have started to operate there as well. It’s located inside Tamarind Square. You’ll be pleased with the Insta-worthy spots within the square. Also see all the latest retailers here.

Cyberjaya is an ever growing city and the stakeholders are continuously working to make the city better and more liveable.

[Lake Garden Photo Credit: eye-in-the-blue-sky.blogspot.com]

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