Family Mart Cyberjaya is Opening this Friday July 13th!

Family Mart Cyberjaya

Everyone’s favourite convenience store Family Mart is set to open in Cyberjaya on July 13th.

Family Mart Cyberjaya

Be prepared for Family Mart Cyberjaya’s grand opening this Friday at D’Pulze Shopping Centre.

This is confirmed by D’Pulze Facebook page and Instagram:

Opening soon!! Opening soon!! Opening soon!!

Anyone fancy for a Matcha ice-cream and Oden? What’s your favourite food from FamilyMart Malaysia? ?

Family Mart is opening on our favourite weekday of the week! Guess when? ???

It’s pretty obvious Friday is most of the people’s favourite day of the week.

The store is strategically located at the entrance of the shopping centre adjacent to Coffee Bean.

Family Mart Oden

If you’ve never heard of Family Mart before, it’s one of Japan’s most popular convenience stores. They sell delicious desserts, ice-cream, sandwiches, pastries, drinks and even the oden aside from the usual stuff you can find at other convenience stores.

Thank you team D’Pulze for bringing this to Cyberjaya! See you all there this Friday.

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