10 Reasons Why Cyberjaya is a Good Place to Invest

Investors favourite question about Cyberjaya – is it a good place to invest? Absolutely. Here are the reasons why.


1. Safe City

Cyberjaya is generally safe with very low crime rate. Most housing areas are gated. Plenty of new apartments are built with safely in mind. There are CCTVs installed around the city and there is a big police station dedicated to serve the whole area of Cyberjaya. There’s also a fire house so if there’s any emergency, they’re sure to arrive very quickly.

2. Cyberjaya City Centre

The new Cyberjaya City Centre (CCC) blueprint has been created and being planned to be fully completed within 10 years. Part of the muti-billion Ringgit Cyberjaya City Centre called the Sky Park is currently being built.

“…the central urbane-tech development of Cyberjaya. CCC aspires to be a global landmark, advocates art and technology that grows a perfect ecosystem. It is the future city that is redefining urban living, business and growth.”

Take a look at the promo video below:

3. Vibrant Commercial Areas

There are currently 80,000 day time population in Cyberjaya so the demand for commercial areas is growing. The newly opened D’Pulze Shopping Centre (now comes with Free WiFi) has high occupancy rate and is home to TGV Cinemas, MPH Book Store, Jaya Grocer, ACE Hardware, Pets Wonderland and many other food/drink outlets. Centrus Mall is also scheduled to be opened soon. IOI City Mall in Putrajaya is only 15 minutes drive away.

4. Future KL-Singapore Bullet Train Stop (in Putrajaya) and MRT Stations 

The KL-Singapore bullet train is currently a hype and many people are hoping that it will become a reality. Cyberjaya and Putrajaya will become one of the major stops between KL and Singapore. The new station will be built next to Putrajaya and Cyberjaya KLIA Transit station. Eventually, the station will also be integrated with MRT. There will be two MRT stations to be built in Cyberjaya – Cyberjaya North and Cyberjaya South.

5. Close to the Airport

KLIA and KLIA2 are just 20-25 minutes drive from Cyberjaya and that’s considered close in today’s standard. Folks who live in Kota Damansara for example will need at least 1 hour to get to the airport. Future businesses and foreign investors will take this into consideration when investing in Cyberjaya.

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6. Only 25 minutes to Kuala Lumpur City Centre

Since the Maju Expressway (MEX) was completed in 2009, getting to Cyberjaya and Putrajaya from Kuala Lumpur is no longer a problem. It’s now the highway of choice for people to get to this place. The new interchange in Sri Kembangan is now opened due to open in November 2015. IKEA Cheras is only 20 minutes away.

7. Excellent Infrastructure

Cyberjaya is city built from scratch so most of the infrastructure is well planned ahead of its time. Most residential areas are fibre optics ready and able to support future broadband services. A lot of multinational companies such as Dell, HP, DHL, Huawei and Tech Mahindra have operations in Cyberjaya due to reliable infrastructure and support from the government.


8. Greenery and Lake

Cyberview, which manages Cyberjaya promises to maintain the greenery of Cyberjaya. The beautiful Putrajaya lake which separates the two cities is a sight for sore eyes. There’s always a spot for you to do your picnic while enjoying the scenic view of the lake. As cities grow, people will need a place to get closer to nature and Cyberjaya can offer this right now.

9. Growing Expat Communities

Thanks to the multinational companies and international universities such as Lim Kok Wing and MMU, Cyberjaya has a growing number of expat communities. Many expats from Europe and North America are familiar with the surroundings of Cyberjaya so it has become their prefered choice to live and work here. That means investors will have better chances to get good price to rent out their houses or apartments.

10. Plenty of Things to Do

Not sure what to do in Cyberjaya? I’ve written this article a few weeks ago – 40 Awesome Things To Do in Cyberjaya and Putrajaya. If there are still people saying otherwise, you know that they’re lying or don’t know anything about these cities.

Of course, these are just some of the reasons why Cyberjaya is an excellent place to invest. If you’re looking to invest your hard earned money, don’t forget to consider Cyberjaya. The future of Cyberjaya is bright.

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