Join Cyberjaya Dash Cam Community for Safer Roads in Cyberjaya

If you’ve driven in Cyberjaya and/or Putrajaya areas, there’s a chance you would encounter reckless drivers. We’re building a dash cam community to help address this problem, please join us now!

Cyberjaya is quite pleasant place to drive but unfortunately there are quite a number of drivers who drive recklessly, driving beyond the speed limit and not obeying traffic lights.

There have been many road accidents in Cyberjaya and mainly because of reckless drivers.

Those drivers may feel that they are not being watched or there’s no law enforcement around.

The photo below was shared by one an active participant of Cyberjaya Car Boot Sale who lives in Putrajaya. According to sources, the car was driven by a foreigner who was using a mobile phone while driving.

It was reported that the driver was speeding as well.

I personally have witnessed speeding cars, drivers making crazy turns to avoid traffic lights at junctions, hitting red lights and many more.

We can’t be relying on CCTVs or traffic police all the time so how about the community of Cyberjaya join forces to build a dash cam community?

If you’re not familiar with dash cam, please allow me to explain this a bit.

What is a Dash Cam and How Can it Help Cyberjaya to have Safer Roads?

A dash cam or short for dashboard camera is an onboard camera that continuously records the view through a vehicle’s windscreen.

Despite being called a dash cam, it is usually attached to the interior windscreen or to the top of the dashboard, by suction cup or adhesive-tape mount.

Dash cams are usually used to provide video evidence in the event of an accident.

Using Dash Cam as community policing is a relatively new concept in Malaysia although I’ve heard some places in Kuala Lumpur have started using this method.

It’s effective because the video provides evidence of any traffic offence and any road accident such as this one in Melaka:

In Russia, the dash cam is widely used as a guard against insurance fraud and police corruption.

The Cyberjaya dash cam community is a pilot project initiated by and Cyberjaya Community.

Anyone who has a dash cam installed (or planning to buy one) and often drives in Cyberjaya are encouraged to join.

Once we have started recording and found any offenders, we will work on the best way to pass the footage to authorities such as traffic police or JPJ for action to be taken.

Besides addressing road safety, this will also help catch cement trucks which often spill cements on the roads in Cyberjaya.

Meanwhile, I’m also planning to work with the local authorities such as Cyberview of MP Sepang to put up signboards or banners to build awareness that Cyberjaya dash cam community is actively monitoring the roads in Cyberjaya.

Road safety has been issue in Cyberjaya for many years and it’s still a big issue despite various efforts done.

Hopefully, by using the power of the community, we can help reduce traffic accidents and make Cyberjaya roads safer.

How to Join Cyberjaya Dash Cam Community?

It’s super easy – simply use this contact form or message us via our Facebook page directly. I’ll add you to the WhatsApp group and once we have enough members, we will arrange for our first meet-up!

Please share this post so that we can start this soon!

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  1. I think it is high time for JPJ, Police and MPS take a collaborative and integrated approach to track down reckless drivers and come down hard, this includes giving mandatory briefing sessions to all students especially foreign students in all higher education institutions in Cyberjaya, with strong warning of very stern actions on those who drive reckessly, endangering lives of innocent road users. Only by coming down hard on these reckless drivers will make roads in Cyberjaya safer. I suggest those with dash cam who witness dangerous driving, to send the recordings to authorities to play our part for safer roads here.

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