How to Travel to Cyberjaya (The Fastest or Cheapest) 2019 Guide

How to get to or travel to Cyberjaya the fastest or cheapest way using public tranportation? Find out this latest guide below.

Cyberjaya is not really that far from anywhere or difficult to travel to via public transport. It’s just that there are too few information published on the best and cheapest way to get here.

For most people, the starting point would be either from the city centre of Kuala Lumpur or the airport.

Getting to Cyberjaya from Kuala Lumpur (KL)

The distance from KL to Cyberjaya is approximately 35km. While currently there’s no direct public bus service to Cyberjaya, it’s still possible to get there without a big hassle.

If you don’t own any transport, the fastest method would be using the ride share or e-hailing service such as Grab (download the app). The cost would be between RM40-50 (US$10-12) excluding toll charges which is RM3.50-5.50. It would take around 35 minutes under regular traffic.

Another affordable way is take the KLIA Transit train from KL Sentral station. The ticketing counter is separated from the KLIA Ekspres (Express) service so be sure to ask the information counter. Get a ticket that goes to Putrajaya and Cyberjaya station. The cost is RM14 (US$3.50) one way. Once you’ve reached the station, take bus 520 by Nadi Putra or the yellow coloured Causeway Link bus 503. The fare is RM1.00-1.50 (US$0.25-0.40). Use the same method if you’re travelling from KLIA.

If you have plenty of time to spare and travelling from the heart of the city, take bus 500 by Nadi Putra from one of the following stops in the city – Mid Valley, Nu Sentral, Central Market (Chinatown), Kota Raya (Chinatown) or Lebuh Pudu bus terminal. The fare is RM3.80 (US$0.95). The journey will take up to 1 hour or more. Once you get to Putrajaya Sentral, take bus 520 or 503 or Grab your way to Cyberjaya.

Fare Comparison travelling to Cyberjaya from Kuala Lumpur

The price below is for guideline only and may change without prior notice.

  • Regular Taxi: RM60-70 (30-35 minutes), toll charges RM3.50-5.50
  • Grab: RM40-50 (30-35 minutes), toll charges RM3.50-5.50
  • Bus No. 500 + Bus No. 520 or 503: RM5.50
  • KLIA Transit + Grab: RM22
  • KLIA Transit + Bus No. 520 or 503: RM16

Travel Options for People Working in Cyberjaya

If you’re working in Cyberjaya but living outside the city, the best option for you is to subscribe to the Cyberjaya DTS bus service. It’s a dedicated coach with 7 pickup locations from around the Greater Kuala Lumpur. It operates 24 hours a day and suitable for those who don’t intend to spend time driving.

We’re currently working on to get Rapid KL to provide a direct bus service from the city and the airport.

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