MEX II Construction has Started in Cyberjaya for Direct Connection to KLIA

Did you know that a new highway is currently being built across Cyberjaya? It’s called MEX II.

If you notice lands are being cleared near the Putrajaya toll, that’s because construction of MEX II has begun. Once completed, the journey from KL to KLIA will be seamless.

The Lebuhraya Putrajaya – KLIA or known as MEX II is 18km long, and three-lane dual carriageway that will commence at Putrajaya Interchange and merge onto the existing Lebuhraya KLIA (FT26) in Sepang.

Putrajaya Interchange with a trumpet configuration will be designed for connectivity to the existing Putrajaya Toll Plaza.

Features of MEX II:

  • Mainline connecting Lebuhraya Maju Expressway (E20) to Lebuhraya KLIA (FT26)
  • Putrajaya Interchange to Putrajaya/Cyberjaya
  • Entry and exit ramps from Lebuhraya KLIA (FT26) to and from the Expressway
  • One mainline toll plaza, two ramp toll plazas and Supervision Building.

MEX II will be an alternative to users from Putrajaya to KLIA and vice versa.

Users can choose other alternatives such as Federal Route FT 29 (toll free) via Dengkil, ELITE and PLUS.

It will cut across Cyberjaya – and the highway will be built next to TNB power lines that you can see next to CBD 1, HSBC, MaGIC and D’Pulze.

Development of MEX II will benefit Cyberjaya and will contribute to the growth of housing and business development in the surrounding areas. It will also provide direct access to KLIA and KLIA2.

The total travel time from the airport to KL is expected to be reduced to under an hour with the completion of MEX II in 2019.

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[Images via Eugene Chan and MEX website]

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5 Comments on "MEX II Construction has Started in Cyberjaya for Direct Connection to KLIA"

  1. will there be an entrance/exit to MEX II around HSBC cyberjaya area?

  2. Will there be an entrance/exit to cybersouth MCT??

  3. So there’s no entry or exit to Cyberjaya… so how will this benefit Cyberjaya then? All I see is a reduction in air quality.

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