How to Advertise Your Business on Cyberjaya Community's Platforms

How to Advertise Your Business on Cyberjaya Community’s Platforms

If you have a new business in Cyberjaya that needs to be promoted, find out on how to do it at the most cost effective way.

Cyberjaya’s population is growing positively every year with an estimated growth of 20% a year. The city is targetted to have 500,000 living in Cyberjaya by 2035. Currently, the day time population is 105,000.

More businesses are coming into Cyberjaya and shopping malls such as D’Pulze is beyond 100% capacity. People are in search of new restaurants, cafes and all other types of services.

If you plan to advertise your business, we can do it for you at the most cost effective way. Our basic package is shown below:

  • Website article – a permanent well-written article using specific keywords about your business to be published on this website, excellent for long term and will have the chance to rank at number 1 page on Google.
  • Facebook post – one time post on our Facebook page and to be boosted to the 15,000 followers and their friends (potential to reach up to 20-30,000 people on Facebook)

We only charge RM299.00 RM199.00 and this will have the best ROI for your new business. Our Facebook page has very high engagement rates with very targetted audiences who are people living and working in Cyberjaya and nearby areas such as Puchong, Bangi, Kajang, Banting and Sepang district.

Please contact us here now to get your business online as soon as possible!

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