3 Food Delivery Apps for Delivery to Hotels, Office or Homes in Cyberjaya

Are you in Cyberjaya for business or leisure and lazy to leave your cosy hotel room or office to get food? Find out what apps you can use to order food here!

Cyberjaya is 20 years old this year and there are already many restaurants and food outlets around the city.

However, sometimes even with all the choices you just want to stay in your hotel room perhaps because of work or bad weather.

Thankfully Cyberjaya has a vibrant tech ecosystem and there are different apps available for you to use to order food within Cyberjaya.

1. FoodTime

FoodTime is a food delivery platform that connects you to your favourite restaurants.

It is a mobile food court right in the palm of your hands, giving you access to the best food delivery services around you.

With FoodTime, you can browse through a variety of cuisines and have your favourite meals delivered to your doorstep.

Don’t forget to try the food from Delicious China on the app for amazing taste of food cooked by a chef from Beijing, China!

App available on iOS and Android.

2. dahmakan

dahmakan brings together top-notch chefs with talented engineers to craft a unique food ordering and eating experience.

On the app, they have 3-4 choices of food and available to order during lunch or dinner.

This is ideal if you’re not in a hurry as the food is not prepared in Cyberjaya.

App available on iOS and Android.

3. Food Panda

If you’re familiar in this region, Food Panda is a well known food delivery app.

They work together with established restaurants such as Nando’s, Yoshinoya (Japanese food chain) and other popular local restaurants.

App available on iOS and Android.

More options are expected to be available in Cyberjaya for next year.

In the meantime, happy downloading and hope you enjoy your stay in the city!


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