Where to Rent Electric Bicycle or Scooter in Cyberjaya

Need to move around more easily around Cyberjaya? How about renting a bicycle or electrical bicycle? Find out more here.



Cyberjaya is a well-planned city where the roads are wide and suitable for bicycles. If you plan to be in Cyberjaya for a short term or long term, ideally you would want to get a bicycle to help you commute within the city.

Bicycle is a great way to explore Cyberjaya and nearby Putrajaya.

oBike is bike sharing similar to Mobike and Ofo which are popular in China.

The rental rate for regular bicycle is RM1 per 15-minute block. Details on how to rent a bicycle is available here.

Electric bicycle can run up to 28km on a full charge. It is also subject to how the bike is used. Electric bicycle is only available for mininum rental of three days and up to 30 days.

Since we have very limited number of electric bicycles, please email us at contact@cyberjayacity.com, WhatsApp +6010-2597946 or contact us here to make reservation.

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  1. I want to know how much this bike ..

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