Fix or Replace Your Car Tyres at Citicars D’Pulze Cyberjaya

Car tyre flat or needs replacement? You can now fix or replace your car tyres at Citicars in D’Pulze Cyberjaya.


My car’s front left tyre was flat a few weeks ago and I managed to notice it in time. Since I was in Cyberjaya, I wasn’t sure where was the nearest place to get it fixed but thankfully I thought of Citicars in D’Pulze Shopping Centre.

This service centre is definitely a great addition to Cyberjaya which is slowly becoming a vibrant tech city. You can consider this as short review of Citicars Auto & Tyre Servicing.

Citicars is located at the P1 floor of D’Pulze Shopping Centre, next to the China Muslim restaurant Homst Kitchen and Tune Hotel. If you’ve parked your car inside D’Pulze before, surely you would have seen it as it’s next to the parking entrance.


The service centre is professionally managed and you won’t see greasy floors or walls like any typical car service centres at shop lots and industrial areas.

When I was there, there were already some cars being serviced and getting their tyres fixed or replaced.

They also sell tyres and you can do tyre alignment here as well.

A service person will greet you once you’re there. He will need to get some basic records of your vehicle such as car model, colour, plate number and the owner information.

Simply tell them the service that you need and then they will start working on it. As for my case, I need to get my front left tyre checked.

The mechanic only took a few minutes to check and he was able to locate the nail that was punched through the tyre. He then notified me of the cost to get it patched – it was only RM10.00.

Without much thinking I agreed to the price and asked him to proceed. The tyre was fixed within 5 minutes.

Finally, I made the payment at the counter inside their tiny but cosy office. I was issued a receipt as a record for the transaction and repair record.

Overall it was a good experience. I have no problem with the tyre that was fixed so far.

This shop definitely brings a lot of values for Cyberjaya folks as you no longer have to travel outside of Cyberjaya to get your tyre fixed or replaced.

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  1. Do tis tyre shop open during sunday?

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