8 Things Only People Living and Working in Cyberjaya will Understand

Being a Cyberjaya citizen, like anywhere else, comes with its ups and downs, stereotypes and out right oddities.

Cyberjaya has its own melting pot of cultures; the diversity here is not widely known.

It is a home, a playground, a school, a business – a life unknown to many. No, Cyberjaya is not part of Putrajaya or vice versa.

1. We get very excited whenever there’s a newly opened shop

For a city that started from nothing 21 years ago, each new shop opening in Cyberjaya is a blessing. We celebrated when McDonald’s opened two years ago. By the way, Family Mart is opening this week at D’Pulze.

2. We’re so used to when people say ‘Wahh… Cyberjaya so far’

Really? From where? We can get to the airport in less than 25 minutes, to Pavilion via MEX in 25 minutes and all major places around KL within 30 minutes under normal traffic.

3. People can’t differentiate between Putrajaya and Cyberjaya

Yup. I guess they need some geography lessons. Just because both cities’ names end with ‘Jaya’ doesn’t mean it’s the same. Putrajaya is Malaysia’s administrative capital, Cyberjaya is Malaysia’s Global Technology Hub.

4. When people say there’s nothing in Cyberjaya

Aside from a huge 24-hour book store, an instagram-friendly commercial centre, beautiful lakes, cycling lanes, close to 50 multinational companies, a cinema, bowling alleys, cool cafes, shopping centres, sports centres, dedicated transportation system, universities and two new upcoming MRT stations, there’s nothing here (right….).

5. There’s always a marathon or running events here

Sometimes there are way too many that it gets a bit annoying… and noisy too sometimes.

6. We avoid going to KL unless it’s truly necessary

You can find almost everything here or near here… that it’s really not necessary to go to KL anymore, unless if we really have to.

7. We don’t need to leave home 3 to 4 hours in advance for the airport

The airport is so close it only takes us less than 30 minutes to get there. The KLIA transit is available and we can get there quickly. We get to spend the extra time to sleep or for something else.

8. Cyberjaya is a (unknown) cosmopolitan city with people from around the world

Due to close to 50 multinational companies operating here, there are citizens from many countries of the world who live and work here. Just go to Jaya Grocer after 6pm and it feels that you’re in New York city or somewhere.

Do you have anything else to add?

(Dell Cyberjaya photo credit OCTAGON Group of Companies)

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