Updated Nadi Putra Bus Numbers and Routes for Cyberjaya (2016)

If you’re regularly taking the public buses for Cyberjaya, take note of these new bus numbers and routes for 2016.


Cyberjaya has an adequate and rather efficient public transportation system. The busses are popular among students and the general population who live inside this city.

Nadi Putra, which is the operator of the busses, have recently updated the bus routes and bus numbers.

Updated Nadi Putra Bus Numbers and Routes for Cyberjaya

Cyberjaya Bus Route T520 (Previously known as J03) | Fare: RM1.00 (flat rate)

Cyberjaya Transport Terminal → LINGKARAN CYBERPOINT 1 (Neo Cyber) → PERSIARAN MULTIMEDIA (Cyberia Crescent) → PERSIARAN BESTARI (Cyberia) → PERSIARAN SEMARAK API (TM) → JALAN TEKNOKRAT 1 & 2 (Lim Kok Wing University, MAMPU) → JALAN TEKNOKRAT 3 (Glomac Cyberjaya) → PERSIARAN MULTIMEDIA (CTT) → LINGKARAN CYBERPOINT 1 (Neo Cyber) → PERSIARAN MULTIMEDIA Cyberia Crescent → PERSIARAN BESTARI Cyberia → Cyberjaya Transport Terminal

Cyberjaya Bus Route T521 | Fare: RM1.00 (flat rate)

Cyberjaya Transport Terminal → PERSIARAN MULTIMEDIA (Cyberia) → JALAN FAUNA 1 (Serin) → PERSIARAN CERIA (LHDN) → PERSIARAN MULTIMEDIA (KRU Studio) → PERSIARAN APEC (MaGIC, Kirkby International College) → JALAN TEKNOKRAT 6 (Hotel Tan’yaa) → PERSIARAN SEMARAK API (Taman Tasik, CDB Perdana) → Cyberjaya Transport Terminal

Cyberjaya Bus Route 520 (Previously known as U429 and J05) | Fare: RM1.00 (flat rate)

Cyberia → PERSIARAN MULTIMEDIA (Cyberia, MMU, Street Mall, HSBC) → PERSIARAN RIMBA PERMAI (Cyber Heights) → Putrajaya Sentral → PERSIARAN RIMBA PERMAI (Bomba) → PERSIARAN MULTIMEDIA (Cyberia, MMU, Street Mall, HSBC) → Cyberia

Bus Route 503 Putrajaya Sentral to Puchong Utama Hub (AEON BIG) via Cyberjaya

Putrajaya Sentral → PERSIARAN APEC (Park & Ride, FSBM, Prima Avenue) → PERSIARAN MULTIMEDIA → Persiaran Sepang (Jalan Puchong) → Jalan Puchong (Putra Perdana 6a, Bulatan Putra Perdana (Masjid), Putra Perdana 5c, George Kent, Petronas Taman Meranti Jaya) → Lingkaran Putra Prima (Puchong Utama Court, SK Puchong Utama) → Puchong Utama Hub (AEON BIG) →  Puchong → Persiaran Sepang (Jalan Puchong) → PERSIARAN MULTIMEDIA → PERSIARAN APEC → Putrajaya Sentral

Bus Route BET15 Putrajaya Sentral to Bandar Saujana Putra via Cyberjaya

Putrajaya Sentral → PERSIARAN APEC (Park & Ride, FSBM, Prima Avenue) → PERSIARAN MULTIMEDIA (MDEC, Cyberjaya Transport Terminal, MMU, Q Cell) → Bandar Saujana Putra (Jalan SP 4/8, Jalan SP 4/19, Jalan SP 7, Jalan SP 8/19) → PERSIARAN MULTIMEDIA (MDEC, Cyberjaya Transport Terminal, MMU, Q Cell) → PERSIARAN TASIK (Shaftsbury Square, SMK Seri Puteri) → Putrajaya Sentral

Overall there are 5 bus routes operating within Cyberjaya and most major areas are well covered.

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19 Comments on "Updated Nadi Putra Bus Numbers and Routes for Cyberjaya (2016)"

  1. Hi, could you let me know how we can travel from Domin to almanda

  2. Hi Richard, do you know the frequency of bus BET15?

  3. The basic has to be implemented first. Why are there no routes and timings not mentioned on the bus stops?? Why are the bus route not connected to google maps??? It is soo frustrating to ask people 10 times to confirm the bus stop and the bus no. N cyberjaya is called the silicon valley of malaysia…. Wake up. ..Things have to drastically improve here

  4. Is there any bus passing by HP Cyberjaya?

  5. So many thing to improve for nadi putra . They need to improve in timing especially in the morning !!!

  6. Nadi Putra Is An Asshole | March 25, 2016 at 6:02 pm | Reply

    Stupidest management ever. Timing is terrible

  7. Waited over an hour yesterday for a 503 that never stopped by, had to take a cab to IOI for $35. Really, really bad management. Who am I supposed to blame?

  8. Efficient public transport my arse. Bring back rapid KL pls, with only nadi putra, bus only pass by every 20 minutes in the morning, that comes with crowded passenger with nothing left to grab, not safe at all.

  9. Bad transport systems, cant believe this place called as cybercity.

  10. Pls improve timing. Hw many hours want wait for bus.from dengkil to putrajaya central bus so late.. we also wan go work.. Pls improve.

  11. im a mahsa student, just realised that BRT15 actually passes by mahsa university is so awesome. have been waiting these days to arrive. however, i hope the nadi putra will actually come out with a list of accurate timings so that students cann take on daily basis, thank you!

    • Hi wan 🙂 iam mahsa student also, wondering if the same bus come by bsp skypark condo? As i recently rented there to be close from da uni


  13. thank you richard

  14. Is there any bus that passes by maybank shaftsbury from the arc?

  15. Very poor bus service. Drivers are too Careless that they never ride on times. Sometimes we have to wait for 1 hour + for bus number 520

  16. Will there be any bus stop near the new Skypark Cyberjaya?

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