Where to Get a Massage in Cyberjaya?

After a hard day’s work, you won’t need to leave Cyberjaya to get a good massage. Here’s a list of massage places you can go to in Cyberjaya.


What? There’s a massage place in Cyberjaya? Of course, and there are plenty of other things to do in Cyberjaya after work as well. I’ve compiled a short list here although I’ve only tried one of them.

1. Prima Avenue Sports Centre

This place is a bit tricky to find if you’ve never been here before. It’s just behind Starbucks and next to the car wash place. It’s almost like an open air massage place. It’s ideal for someone who doesn’t really care about the ambience.

2. Luxor Spa, Shaftsbury Square

If you prefer a relaxing environment then this could place could be your ideal choice. It’s peaceful and cosy inside. Prices are quite affordable given that there are not many choices in Cyberjaya. Here’s a link to their Facebook page for details.

3. Dr Kaki, D’Pulze Shopping Centre

Located on the B1 floor of D’Pulze Shopping Centre, this newly opened massage centre seems to only do foot massage. It was just opened a few weeks ago and the basic price for a foot massage is RM33. I guess I don’t have to explain where D’Pulze is right?

4. Sembunyi Spa, Cyberview Resort

This is a place for pampering. I personally haven’t seen this place before but according to reviews, it’s very good. Sembunyi in Malay means “hidden” so reviewers described it as a hidden gem in Cyberjaya. Since it’s located inside Cyberview Resort, the price may be on the high side. Here’s the link.

5. KL Package

Don’t fancy anything above? Get in touch with us here we will drive you to KL for you to pick your own massage place.

There you go, from a spartan massage place to high end spa. If you’ve been to one of these, can you please share your experience below?

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