Smart Traffic Lights to be Installed in Cyberjaya

Smart Traffic Lights to be Installed in Cyberjaya

The smartest city in Malaysia is about to get smarter with the installation of Smart Traffic Lights. Find out how it will improve traffic flow in Cyberjaya.


Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) will provide the funds to implement Smart Traffic Management System in Cyberjaya, a project driven by Cyberview – the tech enabler of Cyberjaya.

What is Cyberjaya’s Smart Traffic Lights System?

Unlike traditional traffic lights, the new technology allows communication between the intersections and will be linked across the eight intersections to the command centre in Cyberjaya.

The IoT-based (Internet of Things) system is able to detect, predict and analyse traffic movement and trends in each intersection.

The controllers and cameras are equipped with LTE technology allow them to “talk” to other traffic lights within the system to help regulate traffic. This means there will be less long queues at the junction and all data collected will be real-time.

Traffic Management Command Centre which has the data transferred via the internet is able to control the traffic lights directly when needed.

This project has been confirmed by the Managing Director of Cyberview, Mr Faris Yahya:

“The Smart Traffic Lights will be a reality, with help of the Smart City catalyst funding by MDeC. As the Technology Hub Enabler in Malaysia, Cyberview sees the implementation of the smart city project to be inline with the goal of advancing Cyberjaya into a Global Technology Hub (GTH). The Smart Traffic Lights can be seen as a benchmark by other Smart City projects.”

The system is believed to help increase the efficiency of public services and city living, improve the quality of life and create a safe city, and to improve the standard of environmental sustainability.

Telekom Malaysia via its subsidiary Intelsec is the collaboration partner to implement the technology in Cyberjaya.

This is another reason why Cyberjaya is the forefront of all cities in Malaysia when it comes to technology implementation and innovation. Since the system is internet-based, potentially one can even observe the traffic lights and traffic situation at the intersection on their mobile devices.

By the way, can the traffic light at Shaftsbury Square be fixed? The green light hasn’t been working for more than 6 months. I tried contacting the number written on the traffic light pole but there was no response.

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