Nyonya Valley Cyberjaya is Offering Breakfast from RM2 on Weekdays

Nyonya Valley Express is offering budget breakfast from RM2 on weekdays. Find out more what they’re serving here.


There are now plenty of food outlets in Cyberjaya serving breakfast and Nyonya Valley near Persiaran Tasik is also offering budget breakfast for folks living and working in Cyberjaya.

They are using hashtags #SarapanBajet (budget breakfast), #NasiLemakBoom which is their signature Nasi Lemak.

I discovered about this during my lunch break today and took the chance to snap the banner. At the same time, the full breakfast menu can be found below.


As you can see from the menu above, the menu is pretty much standard like any food outlet serving breakfast. Soon, they will also include Fried Meehoon, Kuih and American breakfast.

The nasi lemak pandan is the most basic nasi lemak sold at RM2.

I haven’t got the chance to taste any of the food yet so I’ll probably drop by next week or whenever I get the chance. I’ll definitely leave a review of the food being served.

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