You Can Now Use Touch’n Go eWallet PayDirect on MEX Highway

PayDirect is a brand new feature that allows you to pay toll fares directly from your Touch’nGo eWallet at participating highways including MEX.

Starting today, you can use PayDirect on your journey from Cyberjaya or Putrajaya to the city centre via MEX or Maju Express way.

Just in case you don’t know what PayDirect, it’s actually a feature within the T’nGo eWallet that uses your eWallet balance to pay tolls. You can set up Auto Reload in your eWallet without any reloading fee, and have complete peace of mind knowing you will always have enough balance to pay at participating highways.

There’s no need to queue to top-up your card if you think your balance is not enough. Simply top-up your eWallet and make sure that you have added your T’nGo card into your eWallet to make sure that it works.

You can enjoy toll rebates of up to 20% by downloading the app and signing up here.

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