Eco Friendly Car Wash in Cyberjaya by 1L Car Wash

Have you thought, wouldn’t it be nice to get someone to wash your car’s regularly without requiring any effort? Well, if you did, 1L Car Wash (read as One Liter Car Wash) is a Social Enterprise that brings the car wash to you.

1L Car Wash is now servicing various office locations in Cyberjaya and nearby Putrajaya. 1L Car Wash is a mobile car wash business that uses a unique system of 2 buckets with grit guards that enables them to wash a sedan sized car with 1 Liter of water. The social enterprise aims to promote water conservation as a regular car wash uses more than 150 liters of water for every wash.

What they aim to do is provide a regular car wash subscription to customers that work in the various building that they operate in around Cyberjaya. The subscription can be made via their website where you can choose either a weekly wash subscription or once in two weeks’ car wash.

The cost of each wash is a low at RM10. Once the subscription is made, the Wash Team will come and clean customer’s car regularly without requiring you to even lift a finger. They do not even need your car keys, no more waiting under the hot sun & absolutely no hassle to get your car’s cleaned, regularly!

Why bother ensuring your car is clean? A clean car certainly makes for better fuel efficiency. The founder, Darshillan Ramachandran knows that because he’s worked for a Formula 1 company where he did the aerodynamic design of Formula 1 cars and once the design reaches track, the team ensures the cars a polished to ensure the air flow is perfect to improve the car’s performance and efficiencies.

1L Car Wash don’t just wash cars but they help to change communities. As a social enterprise, they provide employment & training opportunities to underserved youths from MySkills Foundation.

The youths who are re-trained; both in-terms of mindset and skills, are provided with a fairly paid job as auto-detailers & they get full opportunity to be part of the business activities so that they learn entrepreneurial skills.

This is so that when they reach the age of 18, these youths are able to think of starting-up new businesses instead of being at the mercy of mainstream employers who have been exploiting them simply because they do not have a SPM certificate from the national schooling system.

1L Car Wash currently operates in Skytech Tower 1, MKN Embassy Multi-Level Car Park and MaGIC, Persiaran APEC in Cyberjaya.

In Putrajaya, they are at Putrajaya Sentral Park & Ride and Presint 4 Multi-Level Car Park.

Worry not, they are working hard to bring the car wash to you by getting more approvals to operate in more locations in Cyberjaya!

Want them in your parking lots? Let them know by emailing to

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