Billion Ringgit Project Cyberjaya City Centre Status Update #2

Cyberjaya’s future city centre is slowly taking shape. Read the latest updates here.


A few weeks ago, I added a new post about the upcoming Cyberjaya City Centre (CCC) which is an RM6 billion project that’s slowly taking shape in an area of 141 acres Northeast of Cyberjaya.

I was driving along Persiaran APEC in Cyberjaya a few days ago when I noticed that a perimeter has been erected around CCC with banners showcasing the concept and features of the city.

There are now two main entry/exit points into the CCC construction zones. Some of the old oil palm trees have been chopped down and parts of the land has been bulldozed especially around the Northern end of the new city centre.


The CCC logo is made up of three ‘C’ letters with a short slogan “Redefine You.”


Eco-friendly will always be part of Cyberjaya’s development mantra. As you can see in the concept photo of the city, the buildings are surrounded by greenery and plenty of trees.


Modern cities need to have efficient public transportation systems so the new CCC is also aiming to have better connectivity too. There will be 2 new MRT stations to be built in Cyberjaya and one of the stations will likely be built here.


What is Cyberjaya without the tech? Being the most high tech city in Malaysia, CCC will leap forward by making the city itself a living lab. In fact, Cyberview is already implementing several projects within Cyberjaya now by allowing developers and enterprises test their services and products here.

It feels that there’s still a long way before we can see CCC. I’ll be sure that you’re updated with the latest development of CCC so see you in Update #3 and I would highly recommend that you subscribe to our newsletter.

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