New KLIA Transit Fare from KL Sentral to Cyberjaya Putrajaya and KLIA

The KLIA express and transit rail service will revise the fare beginning January 2016. Find out the new KLIA transit ticket prices here.


The operator of KLIA Ekspres and KLIA Transit has decided to increase ticket prices beginning January 2016.

Under the current fare structure, for a journey from KL Sentral, getting to Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS) would cost RM4.20, Putrajaya/Cyberjaya costs RM9.50 and Salak Tinggi costs RM12.50.

New KLIA Transit Ticket Prices (2016)

Ticket price for each stop is outlined below:

KL Sentral to Bandar Tasik Selatan (TBS)

Old Fare: RM4.20
New Fare: RM6.50

KL Sentral to Putrajaya & Cyberjaya

Old Fare: RM9.50
New Fare: RM14.00

KL Sentral to Salak Tinggi

Old Fare: RM12.30
New Fare: RM18.50

KL Sentral to KLIA and KLIA2

Old Fare: RM35.00
New Fare: RM55.00

MEX highway operator has also recently increased toll prices to Putrajaya/Cyberjaya as well. Commuting is no longer an affordable option, so will you consider living in Cyberjaya?


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