5 Reasons Why Now People Prefer to Work in Cyberjaya

5 Reasons Why Now People Prefer to Work in Cyberjaya

Got a job offer in Cyberjaya? Find out why most people prefer to work here now.


When was your last visit to Cyberjaya? If you’re getting a job offer to work there, maybe you should make a trip here to check out what this place has to offer.

1. Better Pay and Benefits

I was told that many multinational companies in Cyberjaya are offering better pay and benefits to their employees. It can be related to earlier issues when no one wanted to work in Cyberjaya.

2. Drive Against Rush Hour Traffic

If you live outside of KL and working in KL, commuting can be a nightmare. However, many people working in Cyberjaya but who don’t live here find the commute to be pleasant because they drive against rush hour traffic. There are at least 3 exit/entry points into Cyberjaya and these junctions are hardly congested.

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3. Better Connectivity

There are four major expressways that are connected to Cyberjaya – LDP, SKVE, MEX and Elite. While it may be different more than 10 years ago, getting to Cyberjaya is now fast and easy.

If you don’t wish to drive, you might want to consider Cyberjaya’s DTS service. Based on their data, many people are able to save few hundred Ringgit a month from fuel, toll and parking. I wrote this post about 10 Essential Things About Cyberjaya’s Dedicated Shuttle Service (DTS).

4. Plenty of Food and Drink Choices

Cyberjaya is now home to hundreds of food and drink outlets. There are already two Starbucks, popular food outlets such as Chicken Rice Shop, Pappa Rich, Ayam Penyet, KFC and Pizza Hut are already established here. The popular Japanese beef bowl Yoshinoya has recently opened in D’Pulze Shopping Centre in Cyberjaya. Food trucks? Yes they are here every Tuesday and Thursday near Shaftsbury Square.

5. More Things to Do After Work

There are plenty of things to do in Cyberjaya nowadays to keep you entertained. You can watch movies at TGV Cinemas, check out the latest books at MPH, workout at the gym, jog at Cyberjaya lakeside and so much more. I’ve personally compiled 40 awesome things to do in Cyberjaya and Putrajaya.

These are just some of the major reasons why Cyberjaya is becoming a choice for people to work, live and play. Plan your trip here and I believe that you won’t be disappointed.

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