Cyberjaya is the First City in ASEAN with 1GBps Speed Internet

Cyberjaya is now home to the fastest internet speed in the ASEAN region with the speed of up to 1GBps.


In the effort of making Cyberjaya a more appealing city for internet-based businesses, companies or business owners now have the option to subscribe internet at this speed.

This is the region’s fastest broadband service and the monthly commitment fee is RM5,000. The service is offered by Setia Haruman Technology Sdn Bhd (SH Tech) / Aries Telecom and will run on the fibre optics infrastructure that has been setup within the city.

The broadband which is known as Infinity Broadband runs on IPv6 (Internet Protocol Version 6).

So how fast is 1Gbps? A typical Blu ray HD movie is around 17 to 27GB, so with this speed, it takes less than a minute to download the whole movie. If you compare this with 5Mbps Unifi, it will take around 3 hours to download the whole movie.

Fast internet speed is crucial for any web-based businesses these days and this is definitely going to make Cyberjaya more advantageous compared to other similar cyber cities in the region.

Image via Cyberjaya Buzz

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1 Comment on "Cyberjaya is the First City in ASEAN with 1GBps Speed Internet"

  1. Seriously, firstly, there is 8 times differences in volume between 1 GBps and 1 Gbps.
    Secondly, Singapore as a city and state achieved this as the first city and country in the entire ASEAN with just a mere 40 SGD monthly subscription price, definitely not cyberjaya.

    This doesn’t make cyberjaya as advanced as Singapore still. Now Singapore have 10 Gbps.
    What say you ?

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