AirShoppr: The Technology Startup Created in Cyberjaya

AirShoppr is one of the many examples of tech startups created in Cyberjaya. Find out more about it here.


There are now more than 80,000 creative souls working or living in Cyberjaya based on the information given by Cyberview, the manager of Cyberjaya city. A huge bulk of new startup companies are being accelerated or incubated at MaGIC (Malaysian Global Innovation and Creative Centre) which is also located inside the heart of the city.

AirShoppr is a new tech startup born in Cyberjaya through Startup Weekend program organised in MaGIC a few months ago. It’s a mobile app that help connects shoppers to travellers around the world. Travellers on the other hand are able to make extra income while travelling by helping shoppers get what they want.

The sample scenarios below explain how AirShoppr mobile app works:

Scenario 1

Julie who lives in KL, wanted to buy a Starbucks city mug from Bangkok to add to her collection. Since the particular mug can only be found at Starbucks in Bangkok and it’s not sold online, she posted a request on AirShoppr mobile app. The mug costs US$20 but she’s willing to pay US$35 for it.


Kevin who is currently in Bangkok had installed this app on his smartphone before his trip to Thailand. He launched the app and saw Julie’s request. His hotel was just next to Starbucks and he was willing to help Julie get the mug. He accepted Julie’s request. Julie completes the payment and the AirShoppr app holds the payment while notifying Kevin that he can now buy the mug for Julie.

Kevin went to Starbucks and bought the mug. The next day, Kevin flew to KL and informed Julie to meet at KL Sentral. Upon meeting, Kevin handed the mug to Julie and then she marked on the app that she has received the item she requested for. Kevin received the payment including the additional tips Julie offered.

Scenario 2

Martin is an expat from Uruguay who works and resides in KL. He loves to drink a type of tea (mate) which is only sold in South America. Alif is a Malaysian who works in a multinational company. A few days ago he was sent by his company to Uruguay for a company meeting.


While Alif was there, he launched the app and saw Martin’s and a few other South Americans based in KL requesting for the same type of tea. They were all willing to pay $50 for the tea which is sold for $20 at a local supermarket in Uruguay. Alif accepted all requests, purchased the tea and brought them back to Malaysia. He earned almost $100 by helping them.

In short, AppShoppr is a great app for shoppers and travellers because:

  • You can purchase almost anything locally or internationally – even between different states in Malaysia
  • No international shipping
  • Fast delivery
  • Personalised shopping experience
  • Travellers can make money while travelling simply by helping people buy things

To put in simply, it’s almost like Uber for shopping.

Currently the app is still in development stage but due for release soon. You can be the first to trial the app by signing up on their website here or get updates from their Facebook page.

We can expect more innovative companies and startups coming out of Cyberjaya. After all, the city is now home to the biggest tech community in Malaysia.

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